Everyone loves Malden Hall!

“The accommodation at Malden Hall is both spacious and comfortable. The on-site facilities are simple to use and easily accessible. The staff are friendly and always willing to help in a timely manner.

Malden Hall is pleasantly situated a short walk away from a supermarket as well as having plenty of foreign-food take out restaurants as an alternative option.

As a postgraduate, living at Malden Hall has relieved much of the stress that comes with the high course workload.”

Robin, UK – 2016 / 2017

“I was so nervous moving to London but both Kes (the landlord) and Phil (who deals with maintenance) are brilliant if you need anything at all – they are so understanding.

The location is really nice and convenient as everything is nearby. Tesco is round the corner, Krispy Kreme opposite the road – when deadlines are approaching, you will definitely need doughnuts! Travelling to the campuses to study and the city centre to do shopping is also so convenient.

Most importantly, the rooms feel like home as they are so nice and comfortable. I have stayed in other rented accommodation in London before but nothing as nice as this.

It really does help when you have Kes and Phil who care about their tenants and therefore solve issues quickly. If you chose to stay here, you will enjoy your stay at Malden Hall.”

Tonisha, UK – 2016 / 2017

“Malden Hall was the best place for me to live in whilst I did my postgraduate degree for many reasons, but here are my top five:

1. It's in a quiet area. This was such a blessing because of those times when you just need to concentrate and do a lot of work, there was never any noisy disturbances including in the actual halls, everyone is really respectful when it comes to noise.

2. There's a Tesco just 3 minutes away. As a postgraduate student there's a lot of times when you just need to eat quickly so you can get on with work and having a Tesco so near is perfect, its opened 24 hrs so you can literally do a midnight run if you need to and they have everything in there.

3. There's Korean, Indian and Fried Chicken restaurants less than a minute away. This is perfect for postgraduates as you may not have time to cook all the time, and the prices are super affordable.

4. International flatmates. I shared my flat with two guys from Italy and Romania, and we all got on so well. It was such a great experience to live with them because we all learnt from each other's cultures, especially when it came to cooking. Malden Hall is made up of people from so many countries, you get to learn a lot.

5. There's a train station 10 minutes away. You can get into Central London really quickly from here, so you'll never get bored, there's always something happening. And buses to Kingston come every 10 minutes just outside the flat.

Overall, I've really enjoyed my stay here, I've made some amazing friends and memories. Come to Malden Hall if you want a full awesome university experience.”

Ashleigh, UK – 2016 / 2017

“I have really enjoyed my year at Malden Hall. Great location for all the Kingston University campuses and close to shops and the station for travel into London.

I found everything to be as described and will be highly recommending Malden Hall to my friends – I wish I could stay.”

Emma, UK – 2016 / 2017

“Malden Hall is a good place to meet fellow students of Kingston University and the flats are comfortable. It is well communicated – 24h bus service in front of the halls and a train station 5 min away. Laundry prices could be a little bit cheaper.

Overall, it was a good experience and I met great people there."

Javier, UK – 2016 / 2017

“If you are looking for a nice and modern flat which is only 15 minutes away from Kingston Hill Campus and 25 minutes away from London Waterloo, you are very well-advised to apply for a flat in Malden Hall.

Malden Hall gets you the best of both worlds – enough privacy and the possibility to meet other postgraduate students. The quiet environment, the proximity to Kingston University and a fast internet connection provide excellent conditions for studying.

Additionally, I really appreciated the nice Korean, Indian and Italian restaurants, all of which are within three minutes walking distance. I have really enjoyed my time here!”

Clemens, Switzerland – 2014 / 2015

“Malden Hall is the perfect place to live as a postgraduate student. The flats allow for personal privacy and quietness, but also the opportunity to meet new people and make some great friends.

I was nervous about moving to a different country for the first time and starting postgraduate study. Malden Hall is near a train stop that takes you directly to London Waterloo and it is situated near the 131 bus stop which can take you to Kingston, Wimbledon, university, etc.

Would highly recommend living here. Rooms are dry and warm and there are all the facilities here that one would need.”

Megan, Ireland – 2013 / 2014

“Being a post graduate student starting at a new university, I had all the apprehension of finding somewhere to live and meeting new people. Malden Hall is the perfect answer in that it is full of post graduate students all in the same situation.

The flats are great – you have your own privacy, yet living in halls provides an ideal situation to get to know all the other students living there. I met some great new friends.

Malden Hall is in a perfect location for the university and only a short way from central London so you are never short of something to do with all your new friends. Malden Hall is great for answering all your worries about starting somewhere new!”

Claire, UK – 2012 / 2013

“Moving to England from Florida was a massive and intimidating feat; one that could have frightened me enough and stopped me from going after my goal.

The bonds I have made with the other tenants made my experience in England a cherished one. Even though Malden Hall is fully furnished, close to the Kingston campuses and any other amenities you could need, the friendships and comfort have meant much more to me.”

Amber, USA – 2012 / 2013

“Malden Hall is a wonderful, hassle free place to live. It's a clean, peaceful and quiet property with friendly tenants and excellent, efficient management.

I'm thoroughly enjoying living at Malden Hall and will be sad to leave when my contract is over.”

Joey, UK – 2012 / 2013

“I had never lived away from home before I moved to Kingston so I was very apprehensive at the start, but as soon as I moved in all my worries went away.

I was made to feel very welcome and made friends instantly. I have made friends here that will be friends for life.

Malden Hall is in a really good location as Kingston and Wimbledon are a bus ride away, getting into central London is extremely easy. Moving to Kingston and choosing Malden Hall to live in has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Hannah, UK – 2011 / 2012

“I’ve lived in plenty of halls and apartment complexes, but I’ve never gotten to know my neighbours as well as I have this year.

When I first moved in I was really nervous since I didn’t know a single person on this side of the world – but living at Malden Hall gave me the chance to make 39 new friends by the end of my first week here.

Now, my closest friends in London are the people I live with and I definitely hope to keep in touch long after we leave Malden Hall.”

Kristen, USA – 2011 / 2012