Frequently asked questions

What happens if I want to leave early?

There is no break clause in the contract, so you would either have to pay for the term of the contract or find another full time post graduate student to take over your contract. There is an administrative charge made for redoing the contracts. The important thing to remember is that it is your responsibility to find a suitable student to take over the term of your contract.

Where is Malden Hall?

Click here for the map which shows you where the Penrhyn Road, Kingston Hill, Knights Park and Roehampton campuses are located, and the Malden Hall page for how to get to your campus from Malden Hall.

How long does the journey from your flat to your campus take?

It can take anything from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the time of day. The 131 bus stops outside Malden Hall and takes you straight into Kingston Town Centre, a few minutes walk away from the Penrhyn Road and Knights Park campuses. To get to the Kingston Hill and Roehampton campuses, the 265 bus from across the road takes you along the A3 to within a few minutes walk.

Which room should I choose?

All rooms are allocated on a first come first served basis so look at the floor plans and availability first.

What else do I have to pay for?

If someone changes to become a part-time student, they will be personally liable for paying the Council Tax for the flat. It is always the responsibility of the person causing the Council Tax to be raised to pay the bill irrespective of whose name the bill is in, under the terms of the Rental Agreement with Malden Hall Ltd.

Your laundry (machines available on site for use 24/7).

How will my computer work?

Each room is supplied with an Ethernet connection and wireless connectivity is also provided throughout the building. Wireless passwords will be given to you when you arrive at Malden Hall.

If you are an Apple MacBook Air user and you intend to bring it with you, please note that there is no Ethernet port in the device so you cannot connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable thus you will always have to be connected via Wi-Fi. We suggest you purchase an Ethernet Adapter for your Apple MacBook Air in case there is an outage on the Wi-Fi network.

You will be able to perform common activities i.e. checking e-mail, using SKYPE, surfing the internet and performing other legal tasks. There is a firewall in place which restricts illegal surfing. Sometimes tenants find that some websites they need to access for research are blocked because a certain word in the title is blocked by the firewall. All you have to do is email, who can release the site for you.

How can I set up a bank account in the UK?

You will need to take the following papers into a bank in order to open an account:

  • (i) Your passport
  • (ii) A letter from the University confirming your place on a course and your overseas address
  • (iii) A copy of the tenancy agreement for Malden Hall
  • (iv) Proof of your address in your home country (a bank statement is best)

Do I have to pay my rent by a Standing Order?

With so many tenants, a standing order is a requirement of the contract. This enables me to see who has paid and means that the transfer is automatic and you don't have to remember to pay your rent every month.

The only exception is where, in some instances, people prefer to pay the rent in lump sums in advance. It is certainly cheaper for overseas students whose rent is being sent from another country. Also, some students who receive a lump sum grant at the beginning of each term also prefer to pay rent termly so they know how much they have to live on for the rest of the term. Please let me know in advance if you wish to pay this way.

How long is the contract for?

The contract runs from 8th September 2017 to 2nd September 2018. These dates are not negotiable. If you arrive early and need to find somewhere to stay for a few nights, the University’s website has a list of local accommodation.

What happens to my deposit?

Deposits can no longer be held by the Landlord unless held under an Insurance scheme. Malden Hall Ltd. places all deposits with the Deposit Protection Service who will email you a receipt to show you they have received your deposit. They will give you a repayment ID number which you will need at the end of your tenancy in order to get your refund.

Your deposit is held by:

The Deposit Protection Service
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
Bristol BS99 6AA
Tel: (00 44) 870 7071707
For more information on the DPS, their terms and conditions, click here.

Which airport is nearest to Malden Hall?

Gatwick and Heathrow are the nearest airports. Luton is a long way away (north of London and Malden Hall is south) and Stansted is even further away. Sometimes people book a flight because it is very cheap without realising it will cost them more to get to Malden Hall than had they paid more for a flight to a nearer airport! Do contact me for more information.

Many past students have used the University’s free ‘Meet and Greet’ service which they offer on certain days for those overseas students arriving alone. If you arrive with a friend or a member of your family, they will not meet you. Sometimes a taxi is sent to collect a student who is then taken directly to their destination. However, most times a coach is sent out to collect several students arriving on different flights and you might have to wait a long time before arriving at your final destination.

I can meet you from 12th to 14th between the hours of 9.00am and 5.30pm. If you arrive outside these hours you will have to book into a hotel. So if you are travelling to London by train, get an early train. If you are flying in from Europe get a morning flight …..

All other arrivals need to be arranged directly with me since my office is not located at Malden Hall.

A taxi can be ordered to collect you from an airport. Pease email me with the following information:

  • airport of departure
  • airport of arrival
  • date
  • flight number
  • arrival time
  • number of passengers

Or you can get to Malden Hall by public transport:

From Heathrow:

  • By Bus - Take the 111 or 285 bus to Kingston. From there get the 131 bus to Malden Hall. Tell the driver you want to get off the bus on Burlington Road, at Shannon Corner, outside the Krispy Kreme Donut shop and Champions, the timber shop. Malden Hall is on the next corner (the corner of Burlington Road and Belmont Avenue)
  • By London Underground - Take the Piccadilly Line underground service to Earls Court, change to the District Line to Wimbledon and catch a taxi from there. It is only a short ride. You can also take the 131 bus from Wimbledon: come out of the station and turn left. You will see the shop ‘Next’ on the corner of Hartfield Road . The bus stops in Hartfield Road. Tell the driver you need to get off at Shannon Corner, just before the A3. The bus stops right outside Malden Hall.

From Gatwick:

  • By Train - Take the train to Clapham Junction, and from there take the train to Wimbledonwhere you can get a taxi (or a bus, as above) to Malden Hall.

Which is the nearest station to Malden Hall?

The nearest station is Motspur Park. Visit or for more information on train times. Malden Hall is a 5 minute walk away.